Exergy as a resource efficiency indicator for industries

Conference: ECOS 2015 - 28th international conference on efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems. Publish year: 2015 Summary: A research activity was carried out to identify the most important resource efficiency indicators used at the industry level for five main categories: energy, material use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation and management. Fifty [...]

A european project to make industries more competitive, efficient and sustainable.

Magazine: FuturEnergy Magazine Publish year: 2014 Summary: Reducing the use of raw materials, water, energy, CO2 emissions and production costs, are some of the aims of the TOP-REF project, coordinated by the Centre for Resource & Energy Consumption Research. The project has European Commission funding and is aligned with EU directives on achieving a more [...]

Fertinagro takes part in a European project to be more efficient and sustainable

Magazine: Tervalis Magazine Publish year: 2014 Summary: Fertinagro, a company belonging to the Vegetal Nutrition Division from Tervalis Group, is one of the two Spanish companies (and the only one from the region of Aragón), taking part in TOP-REF: a European project that aims to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of industries in the use of [...]

An European project towards more efficient and sustainable industries

Magazine: Smart Quimic Publish year: 2014 Summary: Coordinated by the Centre for Research on Resources and Energy Consumption (CIRCE in Spanish), TOP-REF is aimed at improving efficiency in energy use and raw material consumption in the chemical, agrochemical and petrochemical industry sectors. The project is financed by the European Commission; Tecnalia, Fertinagro (Grupo TERVALIS) and Dow Chemical [...]

TOP-REF: More competitive, efficient and sustainable industries

Magazine: Automática e Instrumentación Publish year: 2014 Summary: Reducing the use of materials, water, energy, CO2 emissions and production costs, are some of the main goals of TOP-REF project, which has been funded by the European Commission. The project is aligned with the EU and Horizon 2020 strategies for achieving a more competitive and sustainable [...]