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TOP-REF x 2 at the main European event of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10)

Nice (France). 27/10/15 Between September the 27th and October the 1st, the city of Nice (France) held one of the most relevant forums at European level in the field of sustainable process industry. Specifically, the event combines the celebration of other three key congresses, being these the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, the 3rd [...]

Optimization of a NPK Fertilizer plant

Conference: ECCE 10 Date of publication: 27/10/2015 Summary: The poster is part of the abstract presented "Optimization of a NPK Fertilizer plant", which resumes the activities carried out in the optimization of an industrial fertilizer plant that produces 0,5 ton/h of NPK Fertilizer. These activities have driven to a reduction of 1% in the use of Natural gas and a 10% [...]

Project Poster – European Congress of Chemical Engineering

Conference: ECCE 10 Date of publication: 27/10/2015 Summary: TOP-REF poster presented at the last edition of the European Congress of Chemical Engineering, which was held in parallel with the 3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology and the 5th European Process Intensification Conference, in Nice (France). in addition to the general information of the project, the poster presents the first results [...]