Dow Chemical Ibérica participates in a TOP-REF fellow project to promote the water reuse worldwide

//Dow Chemical Ibérica participates in a TOP-REF fellow project to promote the water reuse worldwide

Dow Chemical Ibérica participates in a TOP-REF fellow project to promote the water reuse worldwide

The TOP-REF partner Dow Chemical Ibérica recently began its involvement inDEMOWARE, a project to overcome the barriers which constrain the widespread implementation of water reuse around Europe and worldwide.

The project is financed by the European Union’s 7th Framework Program in the same call for proposals as TOP-REF, where more than 60 proposals were submitted and only 10 approved, among them both the DEMOWARE and TOP-REF consortiums in which Dow Ibérica participated.

Now, the door is open for future collaborations and exchange of best practices between these fellow projects, that lead to better results and developments.

DEMOWARE – Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector – aims to provide assistance and support to the ten proposed demonstration sites meant to identify and demonstrate state-of-the-art urban, rural and industrial water reuse technologies.

The final goal is to increase Europe’s ability to profit from the resource security and economic benefits of water reuse schemes without compromising human health and environmental integrity.

The consortium is led by the Manresa Technological Center (CTM) and comprises 27 European partners, among them Dow Chemical Ibérica (DCI) and Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS). DCI and DW&PS have thus placed at the consortium’s disposal their knowledge and facilities, particularly the Global Water Technology Development Center, as a demonstration site for urban wastewater (Tarragona and Vila-Seca WWTP) reuse by industry. Dow is the only partner in this consortium that maintains an industrial site, as the others focus on rural or urban applications.

The mission of DCI and DW&PS for the three years it will last (January 2014 to December 2016) will be to show that with suitable energy efficient technologies it is possible to use urban wastewater for a second application in industry (in this case the petrochemical sector) as refrigeration water and processing water.
The DCI will involve its cracking plant in this project. The aim is to identify, apply and demonstrate new process control approaches and technologies that can enhance the efficiency of resource use and respective energy consumption.

This initiative was born more than a year ago when the EU launched a program to enhance European leadership and innovation in water technologies with a view to resolving sustainable supply problems worldwide, promoting the creation of the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP on Water).

The Country Leader of Dow Chemical Ibérica, Antón Valero, joined the EIP at high level and on Dow’s behalf worked with other water technology experts to together set priority focuses for the EU to drive innovation and leadership in water-related matters in Europe. On the other hand, Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) joined the group of experts comprising the task force responsible for making proposals and suggestions.

The consortium’s importance for DCI is due to the possibility of identifying and installing more efficient technologies, leading to major energy savings and consequently lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, initiatives and processes will be identified that can be used in other Dow Chemical Company plants with similar technology around the world.

In words of the DCI Innovation Support Learning Leader Alfred Arias, “Our involvement in these consortiums means that Dow Chemical Ibérica will be able to enhance its prestige and repute thanks to its efforts, capabilities and commitment to innovation”.