TOP-REF x 2 at the main European event of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10)

//TOP-REF x 2 at the main European event of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10)

TOP-REF x 2 at the main European event of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10)

ECCE 10Nice (France). 27/10/15

Between September the 27th and October the 1st, the city of Nice (France) held one of the most relevant forums at European level in the field of sustainable process industry.

Specifically, the event combines the celebration of other three key congresses, being these the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, the 3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology and the 5th European Process Intensification Conference.

Researchers of the project partners CIRCE and Fertinagro, presented an abstract to the congress that was selected, among the 1800 abstracts submitted, to be presented to the congress audience. The work, entitled “Optimization of a NPK fertilizer plant”, resumes the activities carried out in the optimization of an industrial fertilizer plant that produces 0,5 ton/h of NPK Fertilizer, which have driven to a reduction of 1% in the use of Natural gas and a 10% of power in the mill. In order to achieve these results, a two-level modelling strategy was adopted: 1.- Plant Modelling: By means of AspenPlus Software 2.- Reactor modelling. Each device was also modelled in detail and implemented in MATLAB. Download the poster here.

ECCE 10bIn addition, TOP-REF also participated in the poster session by means of a work by CIRCE, which included specific information of the KRIs Key Resources Indicators developed. The content was especially oriented to the exergy Indicator, as global indicator to improve the decision making in industry. Download the poster here.

About the Conference
Through four key scientific topics and a global theme, more than 1800 scientists and industrialists presented their steps towards a new sustainable process industry, turning this event into a worldwide reference, with more than 200 sessions organized and near 900 posters presented.

The key factor to achieve such impact is the collaboration between these three different congresses.
The 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10) is part of the well known ECCE series that is held under the auspices of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) is an important milestone every two years for all scientists and chemical and biochemical engineers

The European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB) is also a well known series of conferences organized bi-annually by the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) as a major activity to present, debate and discuss relevant topics and technologies related to industrial biotechnology and its contribution to sustainability.

Finally, the event also welcomed the 5th Conference in the series of European Process Intensification Conferences (PIC5) that are held under the auspices of the EFCE Working Party on Process Intensification.

Integrated in the European Congress of Chemical Engineering, EPIC5 provides an excellent opportunity for academics, industrialists and technology providers to present the latest developments on Process Intensification in the academic and industrial sphere and communicate their present views and vision for the future to the largest possible audience.