TOP REF at “Think Exergy not Energy”, a Science Europe Workshop

//TOP REF at “Think Exergy not Energy”, a Science Europe Workshop

TOP REF at “Think Exergy not Energy”, a Science Europe Workshop

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The event was one of the Energy Days organized in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week, a European initiative to boost the dissemination of R&D results as well as the interaction between players of the research sector.

The event took place in Brussels and was organized by the European association Science Europe. The workshop gathered energy experts, policy-makers, stakeholders and citizens to discuss about the exergy concept, considering energy and natural resources as its main basis.

Among the topics addressed there were the Exergy Destruction in the process industry, the Exergy concept as a measure or both resource and energy quality, or the Thermodynamics as the science of energy.

One of this conferences was imparted by Antonio Valero, Director General of the project partner CIRCE, coordinator of TOP-REF. His conference was focused on the natural resources consumption, and how the exergy concept can be applied for example, to the whole process involving a building. In addition, special references were made to the TOP-REF and the exergy indicators that the project has developed to improve the energy efficiency of intensive industries.

About Science Europe

Science Europe is an association of European Research Funding Organisations (RFO) and Research Performing Organisations (RPO), based in Brussels. Its Founding General Assembly took place in Berlin in October 2011.

Science Europe promotes the collective interests of the Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations of Europe, supporting its Member Organisations in their efforts to foster European research.