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BIO by Deloitte, member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, is one of Europe’s leading research and consulting firms in the field of environmental management. It works on a wide range of projects of development, analysis, and implementation of environmental policies at the EU and Member State levels and for the private sector. BIO’s team has an international outlook with consultants from different countries (e.g. Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, India, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, etc.).

BIO by Deloitte has a broad spectrum of expertise from technological know-how of products and processes to energy efficiency, environmental impacts, market trends and consumer behaviour. It has a long and rich track record in dealing with the complexities of environmental impacts ranging from media specific issues (pollution of air, water, soil) to cross-media issues (energy efficiency, waste management, integrated product design, biodiversity, etc.). BIO has been actively involved in several projects on aspects such as technical assistance related to resource efficiency; best available technologies (BAT); evaluation of implementation; evaluation of environmental impacts; costs of reducing environmental impacts; development of resource and environmental indicators.


Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

· FP7 research project: DYNAMIX – DYNAmic policy MIXes for absolute decoupling of environmental impact of EU resource use from economic growth (2012-2016);

· FP7 research project: ZeroWIN – Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks (2009-2014);

· FP7 research project: BioMaxEff – Cost efficient biomass boiler systems with maximum annual efficiency and lowest emissions (2011-2014);

Development of Indicators and targets for resource use and efficiency (DG ENV, 2010-2013);


Principal team members involved in TOP-REF

Shailendra MUDGAL , Executive Director, was trained as an environmental engineer/economist in India and France. Prior to BIO by Deloitte, he worked for clients in the private and public sectors at the international level. He has 18 years of experience in environmental consulting and has conducted impact assessments and economic analysis within a wide range of issues covering resource policies. He currently administers various projects for EU institutions, in particular the framework contract on sustainable management of resources.

Adrian TAN , Expert, holds a PhD in sustainable design methodologies and a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Adrian works on projects related to resource efficiency, ecodesign and eco-innovation. Over the past three years he has worked with the European Commission supporting their work on resource efficiency indicators.