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Fertinagro Nutrientes, S.L., hereinafter FERTINAGRO, is a Spanish company, based in Teruel. It was founded in 2001 with the name of Agro-Industrial Initiatives Teruel, SL (INAGRO) which in 2007 merged with Turol-Química, SA, in a process for the reorganization of the structure of various agrochemical companies group (looking for synergies and efficiency gains) and to strengthen our market position.

Fertinagro is a company belonging to the business group Tervalis Desarrollo, which is a leader supplier of fertilizers for agriculture in Spain, with production plants in Spain – Teruel province (Teruel, Utrillas, Escucha, Sarrión), Castellón and Huelva-, and in France –Misson-.

The group’s strength lies in the experience, professionalism and availability of a technical sales service team that provide training, consulting, sales support and field trials, to create a common added value, besides the strong commitment to R & D that is being done by the Directorate.

Fertinagro has a triple activity. On one side, directly supporting the manufacture and/or the commercialization of its 10 productive centers. In turn, from its trading department manages alternative raw materials which improve its competitiveness and on the other side, taking part in 9 subsidiaries.

The current volume of direct sales activity exceeds 450,000 Tms, with more than 60% of them (270,000 Tms) corresponding to special products with higher returns, having a manufacturing capacity to reach 600,000 Tms without major investments in their production centers.

Other subsidiaries concentrate sales of other 500,000 Tms with significant ability to generate future marginal benefits, while maintaining the same structure by simple effect of economy of scale, regardless of a reasonable improvement in unit margins as its parent.

Fertinagro has sales offices in various countries such as Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Argentina and Algeria, so that we can supply to areas in the European market and part of North Africa.


Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Fertinagro Nutrientes constantly performs activities of Research and Technologic Development on several fields. Its R+D strategy focus its attention on the development of new products and processes for minimizing the use of the economical resources applied to agriculture, putting a special emphasis on the development of the efficient fertilizers that increase the crop yields using renewable resources. According to this strategy, over the last years, Fertinagro has carried out 13 R+D projects financed by national public centers as the Center for the Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) in Spain.

The result of the efforts carried out in studies, development and research, year after year, are making space for National and International patents, that make possible the protection of these studies results. Currently having 22 patents into effect and 8 patents being processed.

In addition, Fertinagro is associate member of the National Association of Fertilizers Manufacturers (ANFEE) and of the International Association of Fertilizers Manufacturers (IFA).


Principal team members involved in TOP-REF

Mr. Sergio Atares: Degree in Chemistry. He is R&D Director of the Tervalis group and Industrial Director of Utrillas plants, with more than 12 years of experience in the field of fertilizers. Specializing in product development and implementation of chemical processes. Inventor of 5 national patents and 3 European Patents, mainly about methods of obtaining fertilizers and fertilizers thus obtained.

Mr. Joaquín Romero: Chemical Engineering. R&D Technician and specializing in industrial processes. Inventor of 2 European Patents.