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TUDO is a recognized research university with particular strengths in science and engineering and in technology transfer. The Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering is the largest of its kind among all German universities and one of the largest in Europe. As an interdisciplinary centre the department includes all major scientific areas that are relevant for chemical and biochemical production processes, from scientific fundamentals to process and plant design and operation. The department is particularly committed to the development of processes and products for the chemical and biological engineering industries that are safe, environmentally friendly and make economical use of resources. This is the leitmotif of the science taught by the department, as well as of its research.

The department is the major source of chemical engineering graduates of the German chemical companies. It has excellent state-of-the-art experimental facilities and technical support staff. Its budget is funded largely by grants from public research sponsors and industrial organizations.


Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Prof. Schembecker has been involved in numerous national and international projects in the area of resource efficient processes. Directly related to TOP-Ref are projects focusing on process intensification and on energy efficiency management. Out of the first projects in the area of process intensification Reactive Distillation (EU BRPR-CT95-0087) and INSERT (Integrating Reaction and Separation Technologies; EU NMP2-CT-2003-505862) dealt with the efficiency increase by using reactive distillation columns. NEPUMUC (New Eco Efficient Industrial Process Using Microstructured Unit Components; EU NMP2-CT-2005-014036) aimed at the safe and environmentally friendly production of sensitive compounds. The running project Energy Efficiency Management targets at the optimal energy use during the operation of chemical processes (BMBF 01RC1008A).


Principal team members involved in TOP-REF

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schembecker has been founder of the engineering firm Process Design Center with offices in Germany, The Netherlands and the United States of America. He has been involved in more than 100 industrial process development and optimization projects for the chemical industry worldwide. In 2005 he became professor for Plant and Process Design at the department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University. He is listed as inventor on several patents and has published about 50 peer reviewed papers