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Danish Standards Foundation (DS) develops and publishes standards and guidelines. DS services the industry and the public sector with courses and consulting. Moreover DS is the national standardization organization in Denmark and the national member of CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC. As the nation standardization organization DS is responsible for the formal, national standardization and represents the Danish interests in standardization at a European and international level. DS serves 1900 customers in more than 200 national committees. The 200 committees cover a great span of different areas for instance building constructions, electrical equipment, life cycle assessment, medical equipment, and a number of management standards e.g. energy management, quality management and innovation management. The standards describe requirements for performance, construction, terminology, symbols, methods, management systems etc


Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

DS are experienced developing standards and facilitating standardization processes:

– As part of our international engagement DS holds the international secretariat for 51 Technical Committees.

– DS maintain more than 27.000 DS-implemented standards.

DS has experience with managing the process to make both pre-standards (CWA, IWA or TR) and standards (e.g. EN, ISO and IEC).


Principal team members involved in TOP-REF

Katrine Bergh Andersen is cand.mag. in The Psychology in Language from the University of Copenhagen. She has been working with standardization in more than five years in Danish Standards Foundation – the last two years as consultant for research with specific focus on research and standardization at a national, European and international level.

Kim Christiansen holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and has 30 years’ experience as environmental consultant on management systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety etc. He now works as senior standardization consultant at Danish Standards Foundation covering environmental management systems and tools, integrated management systems, social responsibility and sustainable development and resilience of communities.